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Gluten Free Therapeutics, Inc

​Leigh founded Gluten Free Therapeutics in 2011 to address the nutritional needs of the celiac community. Brand name CeliVites, category nutritional supplements.

Advanced Vision Research, Inc

Leigh served as Chief Operating Officer of Advanced Vision Research for 18 years. Building what was a start-up to a multimillion-dollar company. Leigh sold the company to a major pharmaceutical company in 2011. Category drugs. 

Correct Dose, Inc

​Leigh is the CEO of this pharmaceutical startup.  We are currently in phase one funding rounds and will launch the first three products for children on 11/2020. Brand name Correct dose. Category drugs..

Successful entrepreneurs pull from experience and never stop growing

C level experience

a bit about us

Leigh Reynolds

Founder | President 

Reynolds Marketing, llc

Leigh Reynolds founded Reynolds Marketing in January 2018 with a mission to help small business owners succeed in selling on a virtual platform.


She has extensive experience in establishing and running successful businesses with both traditional and virtual business models. Her experience extends from 28 years of experience as C level corporate executive to being an entrepreneur with ownership of a number of small businesses. 

As an innovative leader driven by a mission to help, she has led countless small businesses to achieve their full potential. 


She has impeccable leadership acumen and an ability to inspire loyal, high-performing teams of professionals in pursuit of synergy, prosperity, and profit. Her passion is midsize business startups.


Her sweet spot is pharmaceuticals.

In addition, Leigh shares her knowledge as a certified business mentor. Serving as a subject matter expert mentor for SCORE  allows Leigh to engage with a broad breadth of businesses.

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