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Amazon Listing optimization

comprehensive listing optimization


"I am a new Amazon seller, and I am realizing that I don't know what I don't know."

We hear that a lot.

There is a lot of talk about Amazon seller startups, and we know that not all startups are created equal. 

Selling on Amazon can be very challenging. 

We also know how important strategy is. The right planning can lead to early and lasting success.

 It is a bit like building your Amazon house; get the foundation right, and your brand will grow.

We start by researching your brand and your competing brands. We focus on getting your brand message seen and understood on Amazon. 

We use copywriting that helps us create outstanding content and increase conversions for your brand both on and off Amazon.

With competitive optimization, your sales grow while decreasing ad spend.



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How We Think

we consider our clients partners

and we choose them carefully.

We are mindful that any successful partnership requires careful nurturing to succeed. As your partner, we share a common goal:  to maximize your brand's success.

Remember, we have been there and done that many times, so we know the issues you face and how you feel.


We partner with clients who prefer a customized, collaborative approach. 

Your goals are our goals. We share a common goal: to maximize your brand's success.

We work together, making your dreams of becoming a successful virtual business a reality. ​

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Building Your Brand



When it comes to building successful  brands, experience matters. 

We have the advantage of experience that is rare and much sought after.

Our founder has been a C-level executive for four companies. She took them from the idea stage to sale.

She has also been a small business mentor for eleven years, an Amazon expert for twelve years, is a twice-certified copywriter and served as a monthly contributor for a food magazine for three years.

As marketplaces have grown and website selling is once again popular, e-commerce has become increasingly complex and competitive.

Understanding AI is essential to any virtual seller, and now we have many new options. 


The synergy of your selling platforms is more critical now than ever before.

  • We use the insights we learned from years of involvement with many businesses like yours. Between our own companies, our work experience and mentoring hundreds of enterprenures we have learned a lot. We believe in using what we have learned to help others succeed. Our founder served as a C-level executive for several companies. That top-level thinking helps us navigate the fluid nature of e-commerce. Being a CEO takes strategy and good instincts. We share that with our clients.

  • Yes, every client is different, so we do not package our services. Check out the services above to get an idea of what we can do. Just let us know what you want and we will work with you. We want you to meet your goals.

  • We know it can be hard to figure out just what you need. And often there are services you need but don't know it. It is our job to stay on top of the ever-changing e-commerce landscape. We are constantly learning about new opportunities to help our clients. If you are unsure of what you need we will discuss it with you. What you get is what you need. 

  • We believe that human writing is essential for connecting with your audience.  We use AI for research and discovery that blends with our writer's use of copywriting techniques to create content.

    We are certified AI Prompt writers and certified copywriters. We use multiple large language models for research and discovery to support our writing process. AI is best used for research and discovery, not for copywriting.

    We know when to use this new technology and when not to. We write every word of copy ourselves. We believe that using the right words is both technical and creative.

    In short, we use AI to help us research and discover ideas, but we rely on human writers to create content. We believe that this combination of human and artificial intelligence (AI) results in the best possible content creation.

Any Questions?

Projects Menu


Is the creation of a consistent and cohesive voice, tone, and message for your brand. It is an important way to convey your brand's identity, values, and unique selling propositions. 


Are web pages specifically designed to showcase a product or service, highlighting its features, benefits, and value, with persuasive copy and visuals to encourage potential customers to make a purchase.


A concise and engaging summary of a product's features, benefits, and uses. We write to appeal to your target audience. Your copy is worded to inform and persuade them to buy your product.


We write the content for your Amazon product listings. Includes titles, bullet points, descriptions, brand story, A1, store, and more.  It is important for your brand message to be consistent on all platforms.


We write persuasive and engaging marketing content. This includes, but is not limited to ads, websites, promotional content, video content, social media posts, brand identity, and more. Our copywriting is written to inform and influence your readers and to promote your products and services.

We want your customers to be informed and relate to your brand.   


A specialized form of copywriting that focuses on converting content into sales. 

Conversion copywriting is  science (highly research and data-driven), psychology, and story telling.

We find your customers and talk to them about your brand, products, or services. We write with persuasion and emotion.

Conversion copywriting is

copy that sells.


We love writing website copy. It uses all of the methods we have described here. We write a concise and engaging summary of your products, features, benefits, and uses. We write to appeal to your target audience. We inform. involve and persuade them to buy your product or service.


Our AI prompt writing service is a perfect addition to your creative process   Our state-of-the-art AI technology uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing to generate high-quality prompts and content ideas for your creative team.

With our AI prompt writing service, you'll get:

- Customized prompts tailored to your niche and target audience
- Creative ideas that will help you stand out from the competition
Let our AI prompt writing service take your content to the next level. 


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