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11 Ways to tell you need an Amazon Agency

Updated: Mar 25, 2018

Lots of new Amazon sellers decide to create and manage their product listings themselves. What they soon find out is that if they don't have the skills to properly optimize and manage their listings they may as well not be there.

if your listings aren't optimized ... you aren't really there

It could be time to consider getting some help. Here are some indicators that it may to time for professional help.

1. You Don’t Have Time to Optimize and Manage Ads

It is important to treat each ASIN like it’s a single business. Look at the big picture, considering price and sales to determine the right bid for a product.

2. You Haven’t Invested in Branding (But You Know You Should)

If you’ve been putting off seemingly “fluffy” investments in your branded content, whether it’s A+ Content, Enhanced Brand Content, and even your Amazon Storefront–you’re making a big mistake.

3. You’re Unsure How to Optimize Product Listings to Rank

Organic rank on Amazon–aka Amazon SEO–is a whole other headache for a lot of 3P sellers, whether they have 10 or 10K ASINs.

The hard truth is that it’s an uphill battle, especially for sellers that don’t have a lot of experience understanding Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

4. You’re Always the Last to Know About Amazon’s Policy Changes

Amazon has changed a lot in 10 years. But those changes have accelerated–and as the company grows in size, they’ve been scary for a lot of business owners.

5. Tedious Daily Operations are Eating Up Your Time

We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money” more than a few times. Business owners feel this more keenly than almost anyone else.

6. You Can’t Seem to Get Help From Amazon Support

Both vendors and 3P sellers deal with this issue.

As a 3P seller, it might be hard for you to get in touch with anyone at all. Lack of helpful seller customer service is the number one issue that all seller report.

An agency, on the other hand, will always see your business as the top priority–because if they don’t, you’re not going to stick around for long.

7. You’re Relying on Tools and Apps to Get By

Tools are great…until they’re not.

We don’t want to start a debate about robots vs. humans–but we do have one thing to say about this. Tools are just that–tools.

9. You’re Successful in Brick and Mortar Stores, but are Just Starting Out on Amazon

When you’ve always sold products via brick and mortar, digital can be a little unnerving.

There are a lot of channels and marketplaces you could choose to invest in, and Amazon is definitely one of the most complex and competitive investments out there.

It’s not something you do on the side. So essentially, you have three options:

1.Hire an in-house team of Amazon experts

2.Try to figure it out by yourself

3.Hire an expert agency to handle it

10. You Know You’re Losing Money Somewhere, and You’re Not Sure Where

This might be the most fatal mistake on this list–the money drain. When you can’t identify a problem, you can’t generate a solution.

11. You Don’t want another monthly expense

Think of your agency as a sales generator. Most agencies more than pay for themselves by increasing your revenue.

Amazon has become the biggest opportunity to wealth for small businesses in history.

Take Away

You could be leaving income on the table by not using a professional agency that focuses on growing your business.


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