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Every Entrepreneur's Nightmare... The Money Hunt

If you had to guess what question we get from our clients most often, what would you say? If your answer is where to find financing, you would be correct.

The funding landscape is complex and ever-changing. The options we have now are more varied than those of entrepreneurs even a decade ago.

We are a marketing company and don’t want to become funding experts, but we do want to help. We decided to look for one resource that could direct you to the ideal financing solution. That is when we found Propellant Labs.

Propellant Labs works with entrepreneurs to educate them about various funding options, they help you prepare for the big ask, but more than that they offer opportunities to talk with other successful entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes. They understand that not all startups are not created equal.

As my clients, you hear me emphasize the importance of understanding virtual marketing on each of the platforms on which you do business. Having knowledge of how to finance your business is no less important. Remember your first funding outreach will not be your last. I urge you to learn all you can so that when you are in need; you are ready to make informed choices.

I have been collaborating with Propellant Labs co-founders David Dowling and Gene Swank to establish this partnership to benefit Reynolds Marketing clients. They both have extensive startup experience plus a team of seasoned entrepreneurs to support you.

To learn more about Propellant Labs go to If you are interested, I suggest you contact David or Gene directly. Make sure you tell them that Leigh Reynolds sent you. They know how protective and proactive we are with our clients, and they are looking forward to working with you.

Good luck and happy money hunting!


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