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Will I be a Small Fish in the big Amazon Pond?

Congratulations! You did it! You created the perfect brand; your name is Widget Land. Your innovative pink shiny widgets are fabulous, and your website is amazing. What could go wrong?

Cue the crickets.

No one cares? No! How could that be? Driving folks to your website becomes a full-time job and costs more than your budget. Now what?

Cue the Amazon Smile logo.

You realize your brand needs exposure. You start looking for options and Amazon is an obvious one. Millions of people shop on Amazon. According to Statista 183 million users visited Amazon's websites per month. Second-ranked Wal-Mart had 87 million unique visitors during the same period. That is a lot of potential eyes searching for your precious widgets.

Bring out the search stats

Statics shows people’s searching habits are evolving.

Depending on the source experts are estimating that 50 to 55% of online shoppers skip searching on google and start their product searches directly on Amazon.

What does that mean to your marketing strategy? Do you use Google to push folks to your website to buy your product? Well, there are fewer buyers searching for your perfect widget on google, more than half are turning to Amazon first to find shiny pink widgets. Aren't you lucky you are there?

Ok, I am on team Amazon, now what?

Now the fun starts. Your success on Amazon depends on how savvy you are at using the tools Amazon gives you. Amazon created a platform designed to match buyers with products. It is that simple. The customer always comes first. It is your job to follow the rules and create bulletproof listings that your customers will love.

How do I do that?

The tried and true process that the expert sellers use has ten basic steps:

1. Title creation

2. Price

3. Bullet copy

4. Amazing visuals

5. Category assignment

6. Product detail copy

7. Keyword research

8. Amazon SEO

9. Promotion

10. FBA

That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Well, there is lots of information about the science, strategy, and art that goes into each one.

We cannot cover each one today; it is way too much to put into one article. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We will be posting articles that take a deep dive into the elements that make each step perfection. We will help you build a bulletproof listing that will rank and produce sales.

Will it really work?

Amazon is making ordinary people millionaires. But it does take work. Educate yourself to take advantage of all that selling on the Amazon marketplace offers. Think of it like your storefront at a mall. You run your business within the rules of the landlord. You do the same on Amazon. Learn the rules and use the Amazon platform wisely. Widget Land will dominate the market in no time!

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