We don't believe that one size fits all.  And we don't try to act like other agencies. 

startup managment

comprehensive startup management

"I am new at starting a business and I am realizing that I don't know what I don't know."

We hear that a lot.

There is a lot of talk about business startups, but we know that not all startups are created equal. 

We also know there is a pattern that if followed can lead to early and lasting success.  It is a bit like building a house, get the foundation right and the house will last.

Clients ask us to manage their business for them, and we do just that. 


how we think 

we consider our clients partners

and we choose them carefully.

We are mindful that any successful partnership requires careful nurturing to succeed. As your partner, we share a common goal:  to maximize your brand's success.

Remember, we have been there and done that many times so we know how you feel.


We partner with clients who prefer a customized collaborative approach. We work together making their dreams of becoming a successful virtual business a reality. 

We look forward to learning about your company.


amazon selling

As Amazon has grown into the most prominent online retailer in the world, it has become increasingly complex and competitive.  It takes more than luck to compete in the Amazon Marketplace.

Realizing that some agencies are offering a packaged approach to Amazon management, Leigh found a need for client-centric personalized services focusing on early-stage businesses trying to break into the Amazon marketplace.


All we need from you are great products. Relax, we will take it from there.


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